Travels 72 your number one qualified valid documentation offers 6 valid legal visas types at very affordable rates. Explore them below.

We issue visitor visas also know as entry permits or entry visas which provides right of entry to another country by a non citizen of that country.

This is a document issued by a country to allow travel to that county and apply for admission as a legal permanent resident of the said country.

Provides right of entry into another country, or to transit through a specific airport, purely for the purpose of making travel connections onward to a third county.

We help foreign government employees, diplomats and employees of international organizations such as the(U.N.O) get official visas for travelling on official businesses.

Get schengen visa to enable you travel more freely. Some European countries are part of a borderless region called the Schengen area. Within the schengen area, travelers use the shcengen visa to travel freely from one schengen country to another.

Appy now with imgra to get work visas that can range from domestic workers in household, representatives of an overseas business, entreprenuer visa, exceptional talent visas and more. All with Travels 72.

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Get your visa in four simple steps.

Visit our visa application page and kindly fill in the required information carefully
Note: Take your time please

Checked your information to avoid errors, send across the information and wait for an email to pay application fee.

Send a digital photograph of your self via email and always check up your mail to keep in touch with us when ever needed.

Receive confirmation, complete payment and have your visa brought to you at door step if you wish.

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